Seriously No Nonsense – That is the CLR4 Alliance

We are the CLR4 Alliance. We are a serious blog (aka the No Nonsense blog) when it comes to reporting to our readers and clients. No jokes. No inuendo. Just facts. Researched topics to inform you without drivel or filler. Short and sweet.

Like this post. We won’t be wasting time here. You’ll see bullet points. And our points will be brief and fact-filled. We believe that an informational blog should not be something that readers need to spend all day pondering. We are keenly aware that most readers have the attention span of a fruit fly these days anyway.

We include ourselves in that analogy, by the way. Don’t take it personally. According to this site (, 17% of internet page views last less than 4 seconds. And 28% of words that are read on an average / typical website’s page is 593 words.

So that means, if you are still here after 4 seconds, we’re doing ok. And this post is less than 593 words, so if you made it to the end of this article, we’re off to a good start! Enjoy.

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